Actim Calprotectin Rapid Test

Distinguish IBS from IBD quickly and easily

Rapid Results in 10 Minutes

No Specialist Equipment Required

Easy to Use

Small Sample Size

It can be very difficult to determine a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease from patient history alone, and the use of colonoscopy can be invasive, damaging and ultimately in effective in up to 60% of cases (NICE DG11).

Fecal Calprotectin is an important biomarker for IBD, which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In healthy samples, Calprotectin levels are low while patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease have much higher levels, due to leakage from damaged mucosa.

Actim Calprotectin offers a rapid, easy-to-use test for diagnosis of IBD; which is particularly useful for a primary care setting. The hygienic and reliable sample collection can be done by the patient at home, and the test can then be carried out by the clinician without even opening the tube cap.

With semi-quantitative results in just 10 minutes the clinician can diagnose and signpost in one appointment without referral for unnecessary imaging.

The Actim Calprotectin test can also be used to monitor the response to treatment over time, improving disease control and improving access to follow up for the patient. Optimising treatment for the patient is essential for appropriately managing IBD and improving patient wellbeing.

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