Actim Pancreatitis Rapid Test

Acute Pancreatitis Detection

Rapid Diagnosis With Results in 5 Minutes

Inexpensive Patient Assessment

Lower Costs Overall

Easy to use

Triaging abdominal pain in emergency pain can be challenging, with a huge number of differential diagnoses to consider, according to the latest NICE commissioning guide. A common inflammatory condition, Acute Pancreatitis, often presents with abdominal pain and is associated with high morbidity, mortality and hospitalisation costs.

In the UK the current standard diagnostic is either lipase or amylase, most commonly run in the central laboratory. These tests have been proven to be non-specific for acute pancreatitis as well as unable to detect early asymptomatic or advanced symptomatic cases.

Actim Pancreatitis is a unique point-of-care test to reliably detect or rule out acute pancreatitis, giving the clinician key information without delay. Based on the most accurate biomarker available, this is the only test that can identify acute pancreatitis at any phase of inflammation.

Simple to use, and ideal for an urgent or emergency care setting, the Actim Pancreatitis test can improve the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis with results in just 5 minutes from a urine sample. This can support the hospital in reducing overall costs, improving patient experience and outcomes, and meeting targets in emergency medicine.


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