Amplivue® Molecular Tests

Rapid results for better patient care

Rapid results in as little as 80 mins

Simple to use with minimal training

No specialised equipment needed

Cost-effective – no capital investment needed

When a patient’s in need of urgent care, rapid diagnosis can make all the difference. Which is why the AmpliVue range of molecular tests is an invaluable addition to your laboratory.

They offer simple, lateral flow molecular testing using proprietary Helicase Dependent Amplification (HDA), for improved specificity, better accuracy and faster results, with a test portfolio that includes Bordetella, C. difficile, Group B Strep, HSV1+2.

The small hand-held cartridge needs no other equipment than a thermal block with a heated lid, eliminating the usual large capital investment for molecular testing. Being classed as CLIA moderately complex, only simple training is required. And by bringing molecular tests in-house, AmpliVue reduces turnaround time, hands-on time and simplifies your workflow, to benefit everyone.


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Molecular Diagnostics Product Catalog
Group A Strep Sales Sheet
HSV 1+2 Sales Sheet
Process Improvement by Utilizing AmpliVue
Trichomonas Sales Sheet
Page Sales Sheet
Bordetella Sales Sheet

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