FebriDx® Rapid COVID-19 Triaging

Viral/Bacterial Infection Differentiation

Rapid Results in 10 minutes

Excellent performance

NICE reviewed

CE Marked


    Please note that if you are purchasing a COVID-19 test kit outside of an accredited NHS laboratory you will be required to read and sign our disclaimer prior to purchase. All of our COVID-19 products MUST be administered by a healthcare professional and are not for home use.



Front Door Triaging During the COVID-19 Pandemic – FebriDx® is a highly sensitive and specific point-of-care (POC) test for both viral and bacterial infections and can effectively triage patients in just 10 minutes. The COVID-19 pandemic is placing a significant additional burden on all healthcare settings. Rapid identification of COVID-19 patients is critical to enable immediate isolation and prevent the spread of infection.

RT-PCR testing is the preferred method for COVID-19 screening, but is expensive, time-consuming and in high demand. Using the FebriDx® Rapid Triage Test as a tool to triage symptomatic patients could substantially improve infection control and reduce pressure on RT-PCR methods which could be used for confirmatory purposes only.


FebriDx® Rapid Triage Test for COVID-19…

> Rapidly diagnose viral patients

> Facilitate immediate patient isolation

> Ensure patients with bacterial infections are not missed

> Rule out non-clinically significant infection

> National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reviewed

> CE Marked


FebriDx® Utilises Two Biomarkers. The all-in-one device produces a multiplexed result pattern combining C-reactive protein (CRP) and myxovirus resistance protein A (MxA)…

CRP is an acute phase inflammatory protein that is elevated in both viral and bacterial infections. Bacterial infection is a potent stimulus of marked CRP elevation. CRP is elevated within 4-6 hours of onset and is correlated with the severity of the infection. Normal CRP is less than 3 mg/L. It has been demonstrated that 38-56% of patients with viral acute respiratory infections (ARI) have CRP levels greater than 20 mg/L which may lead to unnecessary antibiotics being prescribed.

MxA is an intracellular blood protein that is stimulated by interferon (IFN) alpha/beta cells. IFN cells are induced by viruses and form an essential part of the immune system’s defence against viral infections. MxA protein becomes elevated only in the presence of acute viral infections and not in bacterial infections.



Read the full NICE review here

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