The Kova®Urinalysis System

More precise results for better patient care

Fast accurate quality control

Improved consistency

Streamlined lab workflow

Easy to use

Cost-effective sample preparation

Microscopic Urinalysis is a powerful diagnostic tool. But it relies on precision in sample preparation, so the results can be relied upon and appropriate treatment prescribed faster.

The KOVA system allows labs to standardise and streamline the sample preparation process, reducing variables, improving worker safety and increasing the quality and consistency of results, with a range of slides, centrifuge tubes, petters (mini pipettes) and dipstick chemistry controls.

For complete quality control of physical, chemical and microscopic examination of stable human urine (freeze-dried) specimens, choose KOVA-Trol; for liquid human urine specimens go for KOVA Liqua-Trol; and to reduce pipetting errors and eliminate variables with microscopic urinalysis, use KOVA’s disposable Glasstic™ slides with self-contained chambers (wells) for precise volume control. Like the entire KOVA range, they’re fast and easy to use, cost effective and extremely accurate.


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