Rapilose® oral glucose tolerance test. Simple, cost-effective and better for patients.

No mixing or measuring needed

Easier and quicker for clinicians

Ready-to-use 300ml dose

Cost-effective – no waste

Cost-effective – no waste

Palatable non-carbonated formula

Making any testing procedure quicker and simpler is a great way to improve patient care – as it leads to faster, more accurate diagnosis and hence more timely treatment. Which is exactly what Rapilose® does.

Rapilose® has been specifically designed to provide the most simple and cost effective way to deliver an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT), with a ready-to-use standardised 300ml dose in line with WHO guidelines – which means no mixing or measuring’s needed, minimising potential errors.

It has a pleasant non-carbonated orange-flavoured formula with no additives, ideal for gestational diabetes testing and minimising the risk of reflux or vomiting. It comes in sealed foil containers that are light, safe and easy to store for up to two years, is manufactured to ISO 13485 and meets UKAS laboratory accreditation standards.

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