Sofia® Analyser

Next generation accuracy, new ways to better quality care

Rapid diagnosis with results in minutes

POCT or Lab use

Wide range of assays available

LIS/HIS connectivity

Fluorescence-based chemistry

Automated results

POCT care opens up new patient pathways like never before, enabling timely diagnosis, improving patient outcomes and increasing workflow efficiency to help meet targets. But it relies on versatile new technology like the Sofia Analyser, able to deliver a wide range of test results within minutes for rapid triage.

Neat, compact and suited to both POCT and laboratory use, the Sofia and Sofia 2 systems both use advanced Fluorescence Immunoassay (FIA) technology combining intuitive software, fluorescent chemistry and lateral flow technology to automatically deliver accurate results with no need for visual interpretation. Sofia 2 features ART (Advanced Result Technology), touch screen technology and new assays, and both systems can be linked to your Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) or Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

The Sofia analyser is a popular choice too, with over 40,000 in use worldwide.

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Applications for Sofia® Analyser

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Sofia Influenza A&B

Influenza A&B Detection
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Sofia Strep A

Strep A detection
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Sofia Strep Pneumoniae

Strep Pneumo Detection
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Sofia RSV

RSV Detection
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Sofia Legionella

Legionella Detection
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Sofia hCG

POC hCG Detection
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