Solana® small molecular analyser. Results you can trust for more timely treatment

Rapid results in as little as 30 mins

Up to 12 samples processed concurrently

No specialised training needed

LIS connectivity

The faster any patient gets their test results the better – it means they can be diagnosed and treated earlier. And for molecular testing, the Solana analyser gives you results you can trust in a fraction of the time and complexity of traditional technology – as little as 30 minutes, improving patient care and your lab’s workflow efficiency.

The secret is its proprietary helicase-dependent amplification (HDA) with fluorescence detection, which allows for a simplified molecular workflow; plus the fact the thermal cycling step is eliminated, giving a faster time to result.

A wide range of assays is available including Influenza A&B, Trichomonas, Strep A, Complete Strep, HSV1&2/VZV and C. Difficile, and the unit can be easily connected to LIS systems – making Solana the ideal choice for smaller labs with limited molecular expertise or budgets.

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Applications for Solana®

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Solana® Trichomonas

Trichomonas Detection
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Solana® RSV and hMPV

RSV and hMPV detection
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Solana® Respiratory Viral Panel

Respiratory Viral Detection
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Solana® Influenza A&B

Influenza A&B Detection
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Solana® HSV1+2/VZV

HSV1+2 and VZV detection
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Solana® Group B Strep

Group B Strep Detection
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Solana® Group A Strep

Group A Strep Detection
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Solana® Strep Complete

Complete Strep Detection
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Solana® C. difficile

C Difficile detection
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Solana® Bordetella Complete

Bordetella Detection
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Solana Brochure
Solana C Diff Flyer
Solana GAS Flyer
Solana HSV1&2 and VZV Flyer
Solana Influenza A&B Flyer
Solana International Catalog
Solana Strep Complete Flyer
Solana Trichomonas Flyer

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