The OPTI® TS2 Blood Gas Analyser delivers blood gas analysis accurately, reliably and in minutes.

6 December 2019

Here’s how the OPTI TS2 Analyser helps to improve patient care.  

  • The OPTI analyser is the only single use portable blood gas analyser that directly measures SO2 and tHb by optical reflectance. No calculated results mean improved accuracy.
  • The OPTI analyser is always ready to go, no warm-up needed! Fast analysis times mean results (calibration, sample aspiration and measurement) are available in 2 minutes.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Single-use cassettes are stored at room temperature meaning no refrigeration needed and less waste.
  • The high- resolution touch screen means the OPTI analyser is easy to use. Pictures on the touch screen guide you through the processes step by step.
  • Automatic sample aspiration detects bubbles and clots reducing pre-analytical errors – no dosage effect.
  • Barcode scanner allows you to scan patients and operator IDs for fast and easy input.
  • Portability! Rechargeable battery allows you to take the analyser where you need it the most at the point of care.
  • On-board data manager stores 500 patient and 170 QC records of each level. Compliance and audit trails are made easy with QC lockouts, maintenance log and multiple levels of security
  • The OPTI analyser only uses consumables when running a test making it cost-effective as there are no stand by costs
  • Can be interfaced to any LIS/HIS using the Ethernet cable