Una Health’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

8 July 2019

As a small business, our customers are extremely important to us, so we take your concerns over our environmental responsibility very seriously.

At Una Health, we have made a commitment to do everything in our power to reduce waste, including plastic, and to use recycled materials wherever possible. This is reviewed against a zero cost impact model to ensure we don’t pass any extra cost on to the customer, as a result of these changes.

Some of the policies we have put in place include:

  • Reusable water bottles for staff to reduce the use of disposable plastic cups.
  • Reusing cardboard boxes and product protection which our manufacturers have used to ship product to us. https://www.storopack.com/sustainability/
  • Using recycled and recyclable plastic pockets and paper stuffing within our boxes to protect the items you have bought from us.
  • Reducing the amount of paper we print out in the office.
  • Moved to an almost completely electronic ordering system to reduce paper use.

As a small business, Una Health has to balance a commitment to improving our business practice for the wider community, with ensuring we don't pass on extra cost to our customers or compromise product quality. Where possible we try to ensure fair and sustainable practices, particularly in terms of our plastic and paper usage. We engage regularly with our suppliers to work collaboratively on environmental improvements.

Fiona Jacobs, Managing Director

There are many more things that we can do to play our part in protecting the environment, and any suggestions from our customers are most welcome. For 2020 we will be releasing an environmental policy which supports our goal for greater sustainability.

Within this policy we hope to include a greater commitment from our suppliers, and to go further in our aim to reduce plastic waste.

If you have any questions about this policy, or would like to raise concerns or make a suggestion please email our Customer Services team at info@unahealth.co.uk