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Point of Care Testing (POCT) is diagnostic blood testing which takes place outside of the traditional laboratory setting; such as at the patient's bedside or in primary care. The primary benefit being that the testing is more convenient and the results are received much more quickly - in minutes rather than hours - allowing rapid diagnosis, better patient care and improved efficiency.

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  • Care of the Elderly
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  • Diabetes
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Laboratory Management
  • Maternity
  • Paediatrics
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  • Pharmacy
  • Primary Care
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UNA health specialises in trusted and reliable technology for POCT, providing the very latest innovations such as the new PIGF and Vitamin D testing in 2019. We also use our POCT technology to challenge traditional patient pathways, working closely with medical professionals to develop new joined-up pathways at local, regional and strategic level so NHS targets – such as reducing hospital admissions, improving patient care and access and supporting the A&E 4-hour target – can be met.

We take a flexible approach to evaluation, procurement and roll-out of new technology, and have one of the widest POC portfolios available including tests for cardiac markers, sexual health, pregnancy, influenza and pre-eclampsia.

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