Image of the Solana® C. difficile test

Solana® C. difficile

C Difficile detection

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Faster results in 30 minutes

Batch up to 12 assays at once

Detects the Toxin A gene

Simplified molecular testing

Detecting C. difficile quickly and accurately is essential. Using the simplified molecular technology available on Solana, the C. difficile assay delivers PCR-like results in just 30 minutes.

With batch testing on up to 12 assays at once, the Solana enables rapid decision making which can be critical for C. difficile; particularly in a secondary care setting.

Designed as an aid to diagnosis, the C. difficile assay detects the Toxin A gene in raw stool samples. Using the proprietary HDA technology of the Solana, testing can be carried out without the need for additional molecular specialism.


For molecular testing, Solana® analysers give you results in as little as 30 minutes – a fraction of the time of traditional technology – improving patient care and lab workflow efficiency.

  • C Difficile detection
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  • Influenza A&B Detection
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