Image of the Solana® Respiratory Viral Panel test

Solana® Respiratory Viral Panel

Respiratory Viral Detection

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Rapid results in 45 minutes

Detect and Differentiate 4 respiratory viruses

Batch test up to 6 assays per run

Simplified molecular workflow

Current molecular solutions for respiratory panel testing often require trade-offs between throughput, turnaround times and unsustainable costs. The Respiratory Viral Panel on Solana® detects and differentiates four viruses from a single patient sample.

Using the unique HDA technology only available on the Solana®, the user is able to get rapid results for Influenza A&B, RSV and hMPV in just 45 minutes. For busier laboratories, the Solana® also allows up to 6 assays on each run significantly reducing turnaround times.

With a simple technique which doesn’t require specialist training, the Respiratory Panel on Solana® delivers gold standard sensitivity.


For molecular testing, Solana® analysers give you results in as little as 30 minutes – a fraction of the time of traditional technology – improving patient care and lab workflow efficiency.

  • C Difficile detection
  • HSV1+2 and VZV detection
  • Bordetella Detection
  • Influenza A&B Detection
  • Group A Strep Detection
  • Group B Strep Detection
  • Respiratory Viral Detection
  • RSV and hMPV detection
  • Complete Strep Detection
  • Trichomonas Detection
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