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Solana® Trichomonas

Trichomonas Detection

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Gold standard sensitivity for Trichomonas

Rapid results in 30 minutes

Batch up to 12 assays at once

Simplified molecular workflow

Trichomonas detection with traditional methods such as culture and wet mount are notoriously difficult. Molecular testing for Trichomonas is recommended to improve accuracy, but can incur significant costs for the healthcare provider.

The Trichomonas assay on Solana® offers gold standard sensitivity for the clinician at a much more sustainable cost to the laboratory.

Utilising proprietary HDA technology the Solana® delivers simplified workflow for the laboratory without the need for specialist staff; and rapid results in just 30 minutes.


For molecular testing, Solana® analysers give you results in as little as 30 minutes – a fraction of the time of traditional technology – improving patient care and lab workflow efficiency.

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