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Triage PLGF

Pre-Eclampsia Diagnosis

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Plasma Sample

Results in 20 minutes

Low Cost Implementation

Highly Specific Marker for Placental Dysfunction

The PLGF assay on the Triage MeterPro can be used in conjunction with clinical information to diagnose Pre-Eclampsia and provide delivery prognosis.

Pre-Eclampsia is a highly complex syndrome, which can be unpredictable and progress rapidly. Current methods of diagnosis result in over-management and unnecessary costs.

Introducing a novel and highly specific marker like PLGF can improve care for women in pregnancy in line with NHS targets, as well as reducing costs.

Triage® MeterPro

The compact Triage system tests for conditions including coronary and respiratory, DVT, Pre-eclampsia and drug screening, with results in minutes. Ideal for emergency or ambulatory care.

  • Chest Pain Diagnosis
  • Coronary Disease Detection
  • Drug Detection
  • DVT Rule-out
  • Heart Failure Diagnosis
  • Pre-eclampsia Diagnosis
  • Shortness of Breath Diagnosis
  • Aid in the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction
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