Image of the Triage TOX Drug Screen test

Triage TOX Drug Screen

Drug Detection

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Qualitative Results in 15 minutes

11 unique drug classes including Paracetamol

Urine Sample

Automated, Objective Result

Getting a rapid result in the Emergency Department can be crucial, especially when the patient is showing signs of drug misuse or abuse.

Medical emergencies involving drug misuse are on the rise, so the TOX Drug Screen panel for use on the Triage MeterPro is perfect for emergency clinicians. Offering an unparalled 11 metabolites, including paracetamol; objective, automated and qualitative results are available in just 15 minutes.

Providing a simple solution for identifying drug misuse, which can significantly speed up time to treatment compared to laboratory solutions, makes the Triage TOX DS panel the perfect candidate for an acute setting.

Triage® MeterPro

The compact Triage system tests for conditions including coronary and respiratory, DVT, Pre-eclampsia and drug screening, with results in minutes. Ideal for emergency or ambulatory care.

  • Chest Pain Diagnosis
  • Coronary Disease Detection
  • Drug Detection
  • DVT Rule-out
  • Heart Failure Diagnosis
  • Pre-eclampsia Diagnosis
  • Shortness of Breath Diagnosis
  • Aid in the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction
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