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OPTI B Cassettes v2

B Cassette

For use with respiratory nurse specialists
Portable care that gives rapid, accurate results at the patients’ bedside.

Instant results allow treatment to be swift and tailor made to patients’ requirements, meaning a better patient pathway, outcome and experience.


The B cassette gives results for pH, PCO2, PO2, tHb and SO2 from whole blood, serum or plasma samples. pH determines the acidity and alkalinity of the blood, PO2 determines how well the lungs transfer oxygen to the blood, PCO2 determines how well carbon dioxide leaves the body, tHb determines the blood’s ability to transport CO2 and O2 and finally, SO2 determines the arterial oxygen saturation.

OPTI B Cassettes v2
Results in 2 minutes
125ul sample size
Room temperature storage
Up to 6-month shelf life