About Una Health

Often, better healthcare is less about pioneering breakthroughs or techniques and more about finding ways to better use existing technology to improve outcomes. And that’s what Una Health is all about; taking an innovative approach to diagnostics to revolutionise the #patientpathway and improve the overall #patientjourney.

We specialise in pathology and point of care diagnostics; supplying specialist, innovative and appropriate healthcare solutions.

We offer exceptional levels of experience, expertise and support. However, our real skill is in combining leading technology with a different way of thinking, to provide rapid, reliable results that make more efficient use of already-stretched resources.

Our Products

We are focused on #customerexperience and revolutionising the #patientjourney and are dedicated to getting it right every time.

Over the years we have built up a strong portfolio of reliable products and are always looking to improve on what we can offer, whether that be ensuring the most up to date software is available or sourcing pioneering products best suited to the job. Our focus is primarily on the #patientjourney and reducing pressure on healthcare professionals across all areas of medicine and we have a range of products dedicated to doing just that.

QuikRead go Instrument