Fortress ELISA COVID-19 Antibody Test

Accurate Antibody Testing for Coronavirus with the Fortress ELISA

Highly accurate

No specialist training needed

Validated in the NHS

Manufactured in the UK


    Please note that if you are purchasing a COVID-19 test kit outside of an accredited NHS laboratory you will be required to read and sign our disclaimer prior to purchase. All of our COVID-19 products MUST be administered by a healthcare professional and are not for home use.



Identifying COVID-19 is key to understanding the spread of the virus and how current coping mechanisms may be affecting this spread. As the pandemic progresses, we at Una Health are committed to continuing with our contribution to this battle. We have teamed up with Fortress ELISA Diagnostics to bring to you an accurate Covid 19 Antibody Testing for antibody detection throughout this difficult time.

The ability to mass test has been crucial in the fight against COVID-19. Una Health are at the forefront of this fight and are devoted to doing our bit during the outbreak. Our NHS verified testing option is available now to enable you to provide rapid and reliable antibody assessment for Coronavirus.


The Fortress ELISA COVID-19 Antibody Testing…

> High sensitivity & specificity

> No hazards occur during labelling or disposal of waste

> Little or no additional equipment required

> Compatible with all ELISA platforms

> Two options available; IgM or Total Antibody


Our dedicated team are on hand to answer any questions you might have and we are working extremely hard to ensure that we provide the highest quality products, delivered in a timely manner, with first class customer service. We understand that this is the least we can do to support those of you who are on the front line against COVID-19.


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COVID-19 ELISA Total IgM Antibody Kit IFU
COVID-19 ELISA Total Antibody Kit IFU

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