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Fortress ELISA

Fortress Diagnostics ELISA Test Kits

Gold standard diagnostics
The EIA range from Fortress includes the gold standard diagnostic tool for HEV which is used by public health laboratories across the UK.

Renowned for their quality and accuracy, the well-established Fortress Diagnostics range is designed for all ‘open’ ELISA instrumentation.


There are two distinct ranges of ELISA Testing Kits for Allergens: High Performance and Infectious Diseases. The former covers a wide range of diagnostic areas, including allergies, anaemia, diabetes, fertility and pre-natal, thyroid and adrenal and tumour markers; while the latter are CE-marked, manufactured to ISO 13485 and include Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV 1&2, HBsAg (HS) and the market-leading HEV IgG and HEV IgM tests.

Fortress ELISA
Gold standard assay technique
Cost effective
Highly accurate
Fridge storage