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Improving patient pathway in chemotherapy with innovative near-patient blood diagnostics

Una Health has conducted some market research amongst oncology professionals directly involved in patient chemotherapy treatment. We aimed to better understand the current patient experience and chemotherapy pathway. We also learned more about the challenges the clinicians are facing throughout the process.

One of the prerequisite investigations requested from all cancer patients before chemotherapy treatment is a Full Blood Count (FBC). However, haematology analysers capable of performing full blood counts (FBCs) have lagged in their prevalence at the point of care, despite FBCs ranking among the most commonly ordered tests.[1]

According to our study, in 93% of the cases, the blood samples are sent to the laboratory for FBC results. The average waiting time for results is between 1 to 2 hours. This is often a long waiting time for the patient before starting their chemotherapy treatment.

In around 85% of the cases, clinicians are experiencing delays in receiving the blood test results back from laboratories. Moreover, 47% of clinicians say that obtaining a venous blood sample from patients is often problematic[2].

These are only a few of the challenges that oncology clinicians face when it comes to near-patient blood testing. They affect the patient’s journey, increase waiting time for treatment and put pressure on healthcare professionals at the point of care.

Addressing point-of-care blood testing limitations with innovative haematology technology

Rapid point-of-care solutions for Full Blood Count testing might prove extremely beneficial in improving the chemotherapy patient pathway. Managing testing at the point of care removes the need to transport blood samples to the laboratory and avoids long waiting times for the results.

Sight OLO ® by Sight Diagnostics® is a novel haematological platform designed to address some of the limitations of current near-patient and POCT haematology analysers.

The revolutionary point-of-care full blood count analyser OLO® can remove the need for a laboratory to perform FBC testing – a process that adds additional steps to chemotherapy treatment. With OLO, the same healthcare worker can draw the blood, run the test and analyse the results within minutes. This allows for much quicker and more efficient treatment.

OLO delivers lab-grade results in minutes from two drops of blood obtained from a finger prick or venous sample. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Sight’s cutting-edge technology automates the identification and counting of different blood cell types and anomalies. Moreover, OLO measures 19 different parameters in blood.

The compact device introduces a disposable cartridge, therefore requiring no reagents, tubing, instrument calibration or liquid waste disposal. It is also low maintenance due to its factory-calibrated nature.

OLO is also the first FDA Full Blood Count analyser that can take blood from both a finger prick or a venous sample. This has meaningful implications for oncology settings, considering the difficulty of drawing frequent blood samples from chemotherapy patients.

Sight OLO is being used successfully by private hospitals, the NHS and GP clinics in the UK.


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