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Prevention is key. Early detection is your best protection

At-home diagnostics market is rapidly increasing, triggered on one side by the COVID pandemic, but also by the growing awareness regarding people’s healthcare and well-being.

Self-testing screening solutions that can be used in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s home, can improve their quality of life, their awareness of certain health conditions, and support self-responsibility and control of their health and well-being.

Biomerica’s comprehensive portfolio of at-home, self-screening tests is now available to the UK market, distributed by Una Health. The range includes easy and comfortable at-home screening for colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Product Overview

What is the best screening test? The one which is actually performed

At-home testing supports self-responsibility and control of health and improves your personal well-being.

The self-screening tests are easy-to-use consumer products available for over-the-counter purchase.

The range includes screening tests for colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer, that offer laboratory accuracy in the comfort of the patient’s home.


Aware® Breast Self Exam

The Aware® Breast Self Exam Pad is a revolutionary way to enhance the ability to feel changes in breast tissue easily during self-examination.

Aware Breast Exam


Colon Disease Test: EZ Detect™

EZ Detect™ is a 2-minute, at-home test for the determination of faecal occult blood (FOB), an early warning sign of colorectal disease, including colorectal cancer (CRC).

Colon Disease Test Biomerica



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