For 2022, we decided to focus our fundraising efforts and we’re pleased to have chosen the Gingerbread Centre, who provide accommodation for homeless families, as our Charity of the Year.

The Gingerbread Centre was established in Stoke-on-Trent and have been providing 24 hour supported accommodation for families across North Staffordshire since 1977. Alongside the accommodation, they also teach life skills, address behavioural difficulties and help support children through further education. In 2020, the Gingerbread Centre helped 77 families and supported 108 under 18 year olds.

The Gingerbread Centre is key to the local community, especially during these uncertain and challenging times where circumstances can change easily. The impact of the pandemic is especially felt by the families that need support and the charity have seen a significant increase in their work alongside a cut in their grant income. The Gingerbread Centre are dependant on donations and voluntary fundraising more than ever and we hope that this act will help the centre maintain the support they provide.

In the past we’ve baked, walked and washed cars for charity. Over this year, we hope to help the local charity raise awareness, get involved in larger events such as the Enterprise Challenge and have fun while raising essential funds.

We’re proud to support the Gingerbread Centre, please visit their website for more information.