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QuikRead go Instrument

Improving patient pathways and supporting antimicrobial stewardship.
Optimise workflow and help reduce inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics.

Enabling timely diagnosis, improving patient flow and increasing workflow efficiency. The QuikRead go instrument is the new generation point-of-care system and is designed to support diagnosis and treatment management at various types of healthcare sites including community care. Its ease of use combines with rapid and reliable results to make the system a valuable tool for everyday use.

The QuikRead go instrument is a compact, portable, accurate and fully automatic system used for quantitative and qualitative measurements together with QuikRead go reagent kits.

The QuikRead go instrument supports evidence-based diagnosis and correct treatment decisions for improved overall healthcare, especially in primary care settings. The user-friendly technology is fully automatic, meaning accurate results can be given immediately to vulnerable patients no matter the setting. The minimal hands-on time required, intuitive user interface, and result traceability add confidence to the test results and these near instant results help improve healthcare work flow.

Reduces wait times; gives results in just 2 minutes
Enables secure recording and storage of data
Small sample size
Fully portable and minimal set up time

How the QuikRead go instrument works

The QuikRead go instrument is a photometer capable of producing quantitative or qualitative results. The instrument has been designed and calibrated for both photometric and turbidimetric measurement. The instrument guides the user through the assay procedure by showing a series of messages and animations on the display.

The QuikRead go instrument measures the absorbance of the cuvette and converts the absorbance value into a concentration value or positive/negative result on the basis of pre-set test calibration data encoded on each cuvette label.

How the QuikRead go instrument helps

The QuikRead go instrument is designed to support healthcare professionals to make faster decisions, improve patient flow and improve outcomes. The QuikRead go instrument provides quantitative or qualitative results for the following:

  • easy CRP
  • wrCRP
  • wrCRP+Hb
  • CRP
  • CRP+Hb
  • HbA1c
  • iFOBT
  • Strep A

The QuikRead go instrument is already used across the NHS to support improvements for a variety of different patient pathways; including care homes, community nursing teams and general practice. Utilising rapid diagnostics in these areas can support:

  • improved antimicrobial stewardship
  • more effective treatment
  • better allocation of resources
  • accessible patient care



How to use the QuikRead go instrument

The QuikRead go instrument is easy to run, the user-friendly touch screen, with simple menu navigation, can be used with minimal training:

Step 1

After collecting your sample choose ‘Measure’ on the main menu and follow the instructions on the display. Note: ensure the cuvette cap is fully inserted, with no thread showing and that the gap is facing towards the front. Do not depress the plunger.

Step 2

Drop a cuvette into the measurement well in the right position. The barcode of the cuvette must be facing towards you. Note: do not place a finger or any other object into the measurement well.

Step 3

The lid closes, and the instrument starts the measurement.

Step 4

After the test is completed, the result is shown on the display and the cuvette is automatically ejected. Choose ‘Result info’ to see additional information of the test.

Step 5

Remove the cuvette. The result disappears from the display. It can be displayed again by choosing ‘See previous result’.

Step 6

If you wish to make another measurement, insert a new cuvette into the measurement well. Choosing ‘Cancel’ takes you to the main menu.


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