C-reactive Protein (CRP) testing is one of the tools used in primary and community care for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury and inflammatory disorders. Appropriate point-of-care CRP testing in the community supports quick and easy diagnosis and can aid identification of patients who would benefit from antibiotics.

In this case study, we hear from Caroline Essenhigh, Matron at Tonbridge Cottage Hospital and the team from Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, about their hands-on experience with CRP testing using QuikRead go and how this solution proves to be a perfect fit for their Hospital-at-Home model.

Caroline Essenhigh is the co-author of a publication in the British Journal of Nursing, highlighting how implementation of a ‘Hospital-at-Home’ service can improve patient outcomes. You can access the full article here: https://www.britishjournalofnursing.com/content/other/implementing-a-hospital-at-home-service-to-improve-patient-outcomes