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Ensuring the best patient journey and patient outcome.

bioLytical® Laboratories, founded in 2002 in Canada, empowers clinicians and the public to make informed health decisions, faster. Combining made-in-Canada quality with a global focus, bioLytical is a leader in the field of rapid in vitro medical diagnostics.

Its range of one-minute INSTI® tests provide instant, accurate results for infectious diseases including HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV) and Syphilis among others.

Product Overview

INSTI® range of tests from bioLytical, is trusted by healthcare professionals globally with over 15 million tests already performed. The INSTI platform provides accurate results in 1 minute, whereas other competing products require 20 minutes to days for their results.

Discover the complete product range from bioLytical available from Una Health.

Results in 60 seconds
Works with most testing algorithms

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing

Hepatitis C Testing


INSTI HIV-1/ HIV-2 Antibody Test Brochure
INSTI® Multiplex HIV-1/HIV-2/Syphilis Test Brochure
INSTI® HCV Antibody Test Brochure