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Product Overview

KOVA® Glasstic™ slides are the gold standard for microscopic analysis. Made from plastic but with the same refractive index as glass, Glasstic™ Slide 10 with Grids is a 10-chambered slide with a hemocytometer-type grid.

Using Glasstic™ Slides is extremely cost-effective and efficient:

  • Manufactured from optically clear plastic with same refractive index as glass
  • Each 10-chambered Glasstic Slide features 10 individual fully segregated specimen wells
  • Capillary action reduces pipetting errors
  • Suspends sediments homogeneously throughout the specimen
  • Eliminates other variables, providing precise, reproducible fluid distribution throughout each chamber
  • Chamber walls prevent specimen leakage and cross-contamination
  • Glasstic slide grid is in the focal plane of the specimen, allowing for use over a range of magification
  • Provides results that have high correlation with results obtained with precision hemocytometers: red blood cells: r: 0.99; white blood cells: r: 0.99; platelets: r: 0.93
Efficient Analysis
Cost Effective
High Quality

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CE Marked

KOVA Glasstic Slide 10 with Grids


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