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Respiratory Professional Care Show 2021

October 20, 2021

Some of our team at Una Health attended the Respiratory Professional Care Show at the NEC in Birmingham this month. It was a great opportunity to exhibit some of our featured products and interact with healthcare professionals face-to-face after two years of virtual conversations.

One of the products displayed was the OPTI Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyser, a tool that provides lab-accurate results in minutes at the point of care. We were lucky enough to meet some of our customers from Blackpool Victoria Hospital who are impressed with their OPTI analysers. We had a chat with a Respiratory Nurse Specialist who works on the home oxygen team and uses the analyser daily:

“It’s a great piece of kit, it allows us to expand into the community to avoid bringing our patients to hospital – especially during recent times when they don’t want to attend a clinic with the COVID situation. It gives us instant results and allows us to make clinical decisions quickly and escalate problems appropriately… We’ve got three [OPTI] machines and we’re hoping for a fourth!”

Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Blackpool Victoria Hospital

It was a great live event which allowed us to not only showcase our point of care diagnostic devices, but network within the community, receive feedback and discuss our innovative ideas and plans for the future.