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Product of the Quarter: QuikRead go

Ahead of what we expect to be a challenging winter season, the QuikRead go instrument is our product of the quarter. Widely used across the NHS to measure CRP, the QuikRead go is suitable for a number of different settings such as GP practice, clinics and community diagnostics. Portable, easy-to-use and with room temperature test storage, assessing CRP levels could not be simpler; supporting appropriate prescribing and signposting.

During the Product of the Quarter Campaign, Una Health have worked closely with AIDIAN the manufacturer of the QuikRead go instrument to provide a fantastic price offer. Both teams wanted to support clinical staff following the significant pressures of the pandemic, and we felt that this was a small way that we could recognise their efforts.

‘The CRP machine is great. It allows me to provide evidence to the patient of my clinical decision and the confidence to have those discussions. Patients accept decisions not to prescribe or delay more readily. Getting the results in 2 minutes also means I don’t have to interrupt the GPs as often to discuss the patient’
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, South Powys

**Price Offer: On all orders between 13th September and 29th October**

PackageRRPPrice Offer
QuikRead go instrument
QuikRead go workstation
1 pack of QuikRead go easyCRP or QuikRead Strep A (50 tests)
1 pack of QuikRead go CRP control
£1488 £999
QuikRead go instrument
QuikRead go workstation
All prices exclude VAT and delivery

The QuikRead go instrument has a wide range of assays available, including:

  • easyCRP
  • CRP
  • CRP+Hb
  • HbA1c
  • iFOBT
  • wrCRP
  • wrCRP+Hb
  • Strep A

For more information on the QuikRead go instrument, visit the product pages here: https://unahealth.co.uk/product/quikread-go-instrument/