We are delighted to unveil the new, enhanced model of the Urisys® 1100 Urine Analyser from Roche Diagnostics.

Boasting a sleek and compact design, the Urisys® 1100 stands out as one of the smallest and lightest devices in its class, designed for fast, safe, and accurate urinalysis.

Redesigned with user needs in mind, this state-of-the-art device promises to elevate the standard of care with improved usability, connectivity, and the same trusted performance as its predecessor.

As with the majority of our point-of-care portfolio, Una Health brings the new Urisys 1100 to you as a complete solution for urinalysis. Find out more from the Urisys 1100 product page.

What does the new Urisys® 1100 bring to the table?

> Increased security

Built on the trusted and reliable predecessor, with new features added such as QC, user, strip and calibration management, together with a larger memory.

> Improved usability

With simple and intuitive touchscreen operations and always up-to-date with software updates.

> State-of-the-art connectivity

Easy data transfer to your patient data management system via LAN cable or WiFi stick.

Designed to read and evaluate the Combur 10UX Test® from Roche Diagnostics, the Urisys 1100 helps in the easy and rapid screening of glycometabolism, kidney function, liver function, acid base balance, and urinary tract infection.

The Urisys 1100’s trusted performance is supported by national External Quality Assurance (EQA) schemes. The available EQA schemes are: RIQAS Urinalysis External Quality Assessment, WIQAS POCT Urinalysis and UK NEQAS for Urine Dipsticks.

To uphold the reliability and accuracy of test results, Una Health offers a suite of Quality Controls. This includes Quantimetrix Dipper POCT® Liquid Urinalysis Quality Control and Kova® Quality Controls.

Ensuring healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maximise the potential of the Urisys 1100, we provide expert support and CPD-accredited training, reinforcing our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that prioritise accuracy and patient care.

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Meet the New Urisys® 1100 Urine Analyser