Urisys 1100® Urine Analyser

Meet the new Urisys® 1100 Urine Analyser

Redesigned with your needs in mind. Made for better care.

A complete solution for urinalysis.

The Urisys® 1100 from Roche is one of the smallest and lightest semi-automated urine testing devices on the market. Drawing from its predecessor, the new Urisys 1100 has been redesigned, featuring improved usability and connectivity – with the same trusted performance.

Experience fast, safe and reliable diagnostics for quick and valuable treatment decisions.


Urisys 1100 – your complete solution for reliable urinalysis

The Urisys® 1100 is a compact, portable and accurate reflectance photometer, that provides an easy and reliable solution for urinalysis at the point of care.

The urine analyser is designed to read and evaluate the urine test strips Combur 10 Test®UX from Roche Diagnostics, virtually eliminating visual errors and providing a standardised measurement; adding confidence to the test results and improving patient experience.

Designed to improve workflow efficiency in smaller labs, doctor offices and decentralised lab settings such as point-of-care, the Urisys 1100 can help eliminate potential errors caused by visual comparison and interpretation, and contribute to the accurate diagnostics of your patients’ health. From first-line diagnosis and routine screening to preventive examinations and easy treatment monitoring – the Urisys® 1100 and Combur-Test® strips can aid you to detect even symptomless diseases in the early stages and allows you to closely monitor disease progression as well as treatment success.

> Gain rapid insights into your patients’ health with the Urisys 1100 and Combur®-Test strips

The Urisys 1100 is designed to read and evaluate the Combur 10 Test® UX from Roche Diagnostics, providing:

  • Established quality – proven to perform [1,2,3,4]
  • Unique construction technology to avoid interference from components such as adhesives
  • Reliably detects clinically relevant concentrations of erythrocytes, haemoglobin and glucose due to being largely unaffected by ascorbic acid
  • Ten parameters for easy and rapid screening of glycometabolism, kidney function, liver function, acid base balance, and urinary tract infection.Roche Combur-10 urine test strips from Una health

> Proven accuracy and precision every single time. Validated by the best in class Quality Controls

Quality controls (QCs) used on point-of-care (POC) devices are crucial to ensure the reliability and accuracy of test results. Una Health offers a wide range of Quality Controls suitable for use with the Urisys 1100 analyser.

> Trusted performance. Supported by national External Quality Assurance (EQA) schemes

> State-of-the-art connectivity

  • For easy transfer to patient data management system via WiFi or LAN

> Digitally enhanced for governance

  • With new improved features: calibration, test strip and user management, and QC lock-out
  • Providing visibility, traceability and compliance

> Fully supported by Una Health. For your peace of mind

  • The Urisys 1100 Urine Analyser comes with CPD-accredited training on Una Health’s dedicated e-learning platform.
  • Expert installation and after-care support.



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Trusted performance
Improved usability
Flexible connectivity
Lightweight and compact
Urisys 1100 Side Image_Una Health

Drawing from its predecessor analyser, the new Urisys 1100 has been redesigned, featuring improved usability and connectivity – with the same trusted performance.

> Trusted Performance

Increase your security with additional functions.

  • QC Management
  • User Management
  • Strip Management
  • Calibration Management

Make your diagnostics more efficient.

  • Larger memory to manage patient data and users, now with 1000 entries vs.100 in the previous version
  • Builds on the trusted and reliable performance of its predecessor

> Improved Usability

Simple and intuitive touchscreen operations.

  • Easy-to-use graphics and menu
  • 4.3” colour touchscreen with RGB TFT-display 480.272 pixels
  • Easy to operate with medical gloves

Always up-to-date with remote software updates.

> Ready to Connect

State-of-the-art connectivity.

  • USB A ports
  • USB C port as power supply
  • LAN connector
  • Data transfer to cobas® infinity edge smart or your patient data management system via LAN cable or WiFi stick


Trusted performance, improved usability, flexible connectivity – and as lightweight and compact as ever.

The semi-automated compact urine strip analyser is a powerful and effective digital diagnostic solution for general practitioners, ambulances or hospitals, as well as small laboratories, specialists and decentralised lab settings.

With an output of 45 urine samples per hour, the Urisys® 1100 reads the ten most common urine parameters in just one strip — helping to optimise patient management by providing you with a modern, secure system and accurate results.

How to use the Urisys 1100

Four easy steps to fast results

How to use Urisys 1100

> Urinalysis Quality Controls available:

> The Urisys 1100 participates in national EQA schemes, please see further details below:



The RIQAS Urinalysis EQA programme is designed to monitor the performance of urine dipstick tests using both manual and automated methods. All samples are supplied in a liquid ready-to-use format ideal for both clinical and point-of-care testing (POCT). Find out more about REQAS EQA: https://www.randox.com/urinalysis-eqa/


The Weqas POCT Urinalysis EQA programme aims to assess the performance and reliability of organisations undertaking POC Urinalysis tests in a wide variety of healthcare situations. Find out more about WEQAS EQA: https://www.weqas.com/services/poct-eqa/poct-urinalysis/


NEQAS EQA Scheme for Urinalysis

Find out more about NEQAS EQA scheme for urinalysis: https://birminghamquality.org.uk/eqa-programmes/dip/

Product Description



Urisys 1100 Analyser
1 device
Combur-Test 10UX for use with Urisys 1100
100 tests
Control-Test M
50 strips


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