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QuikRead go CRP+Hb

For use in GP, pharmacy, care homes, community outreach, LTOT and multiple hospital departments.
Portable, multi-analyte results in under 2 minutes at the patients’ bedside.

Near instant results supports #patientflow, meaning faster treatment implementation and a better patient pathway, outcome and experience.

Product Overview

QuikRead go CRP+Hb gives results for C-reactive protein (CRP) with a measuring range between 5-200 mg/l and for Hb with a measuring range between 50-245g/l from whole blood, serum or plasma samples.

Accurate measurement of CRP can be critical in the management of a patient with symptoms of infection. The QuikRead go CRP+Hb test helps to identify patients who may benefit from antibiotics and is valuable in monitoring treatment outcomes.

Haemoglobin (Hb) measurement gives important information about a patient’s condition in both acute and basic healthcare settings. Changes in haemoglobin concentrations can be seen in several medical conditions, which make haemoglobin measurement one of the most commonly used tests.


Further reading:

NICE has developed a medtech innovation briefing (MIB) on the QuikRead go for C-reactive protein testing in primary care. Read the briefing here:

Results in 2 minutes
20ul sample size
Between 2-8°C storage
Up to 12 months shelf life


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