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QuikRead go HbA1c

QuikRead go HbA1c is an easy-to-use and reliable point of care (POC) test for quantitative measurement of glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) from a finger prick capillary blood or anticoagulated (EDTA or heparin) venous whole blood sample.

Fast, Portable, and Reliable HbA1c Point-of-Care Testing for Improved Diabetes Management

For use in GP, pharmacy, care homes, community outreach, LTOT and multiple hospital departments.

Portable, accurate results in under 6 minutes at the patients’ bedside.

Near instant results support more efficient patient flow, meaning faster treatment implementation and a better patient pathway, outcome and experience.

Product Overview

QuikRead go® HbA1c supports improved diabetes management[1,2] at the point of care, providing reliable, near-instant HbA1c results available during patient consultation. 

Point of care HbA1c testing has shown to improve patient’s commitment to treatment and monitoring, leading to improved glycemic control and reduced risk of harmful and expensive comorbidities, which has the potential to reduce healthcare costs.

QuikRead go HbA1c has a measuring range between 20-140mmol/mol, 4.0-15.0%. The one-step sample collector using only 1μL finger prick blood ensures easy sample collection and minimal steps in HbA1c testing, no matter the healthcare setting.

The HbA1c point-of-care test runs on the QuikRead go instrument, which is fully portable and features enhanced bi-directional connectivity, making it also suitable for use in hospital-at-home models, virtual and frailty wards.

QuikRead and HbA1c Test Image


The quantitative HbA1c result can be used in monitoring the long-term blood glucose control in individuals with diabetes mellitus, as an aid in diagnosis of diabetes and in identifying patients at risk of developing diabetes mellitus. It can also be a perfect fit into NHS Health Checks.

QuikRead go HbA1c test is IFCC and NGSP certified. A recent study shows that QuikRead go HbA1c is very well comparable to established IFCC and NGSP reference methods, making it a reliable and effective method for the quantitative determination of HbA1c at the point of care.

Performance of QuikRead HbA1c point-of-care test – Read the latest paper QuikRead go HbA1c test shows good performance with patient samples when compared to IFCC and NGSP certified Secondary Reference Measurement Procedure methods

Users of the QuikRead go instrument and tests can benefit from CPD accredited training on Una Health’s e-learning platform. Contact us for more details.


Read the latest case study:

HbA1c Testing at a GP Surgery: A Case Study on Improving Patient Pathway and QOF Compliance


References and further reading:

[1] Miller CD, Barnes CS, Phillips LS, et al. Rapid A1c availability improves clinical decision-making in an urban primary care clinic. Diabetes Care 2003; 26(4): 1158-1163 –

[2] Schnell O, Crocker JB, Weng J. Impact of HbA1c Testing at Point of Care on Diabetes Management. J Diabetes Sci Technol 2017; 11(3):611-617 –

Results in 6 minutes
1μL sample size
Between 2-8°C storage
Up to 12 months shelf life
QuikRead go HbA1c Test Point of care Una Health


QuikRead go HbA1c Brochure