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QuikRead go easyCRP tests

QuikRead go easy CRP

For use in GP, pharmacy, care homes, community outreach, LTOT and multiple hospital departments.
Portable, multi-analyte results in under 2 minutes at the patients’ bedside.

Near instant results supports #patientflow, meaning faster treatment implementation and a better patient pathway, outcome and experience.


QuikRead go easy CRP gives results for C-reactive protein (CRP) with a measuring range between 1-200 mg/l from whole blood, serum or plasma samples. Quantitative measurement of CRP concentration has been reported to be a sensitive indicator of the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy and the course of bacterial infections, as well as an effective tool in controlling and monitoring postoperative infections. Modestly elevated CRP values have been shown to be clinically relevant e.g., in neonatal sepsis, and conditions that include systemic inflammation (such as COPD and Rheumatoid arthritis).

QuikRead go easyCRP tests
Results in 2 minutes
10ul sample size
Between 2-25°C storage
Up to 12 months shelf life