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Sight OLO​® is a point-of-care blood analyser that performs the Full Blood Count. It delivers lab-grade results in minutes from two drops of blood obtained from a finger prick or venous sample. Sight OLO automates the identification and counting of different blood cell types and anomalies with proprietary AI and machine vision algorithms.

OLO provides 5-part differential Full Blood Count results with 19 parameters and sophisticated flagging capabilities, and it is designed to address the limitations in current point-of-care haematology analysers.

Sight OLO​® is a point-of-care haematology analyser that delivers lab-grade Full Blood Count (FBC) results in minutes from 2 drops of blood obtained from a finger prick or venous sample.

Accurate and reliable, actionable results create fewer retests. That means you get the right care plan in place, right away, for your patients.

Proven lab-grade results without the lab

Sight OLO provides 5-part differential results with 19 parameters and sophisticated flagging capabilities. It is the first device to receive FDA clearance for a Full Blood Count test with a finger prick sample, requiring 5% of the minimum blood volume needed for traditional lab equipment and still providing the same quality of results. Sight OLO is CE Marked according to the IVD European directive for performing FBC tests in point-of-care settings.

OLO uses one disposable cartridge per test, eliminating the need for reagent procurement, hazardous material storage and liquid waste disposal. The analyser can be operated between 18-30°C and the test kit can be stored between 18-26°C.

Suitable For Any Clinical Setting

Sight OLO has been validated for use in patients 3 months and above, in point-of-care clinical settings such as paediatric practices, oncology clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, and urgent care locations.

Simple to Set Up and Operate

Sight OLO comes factory calibrated for a quick set-up with internal Failsafe systems and requires no maintenance. Its minimal training and step-by-step on-screen guidance are designed to be used by operators with any level of experience.

Sight OLO Size

Users of the Sight OLO haematology analyser can benefit from CPD accredited training on Una Health’s e-learning platform. Contact us for more details.

Results in 10 minutes
2 drops of blood
Lab-grade results
No liquid waste
Sight OLO Haematology analyser for point of care - Una Health

Sight Diagnostics​® uses a patented method of digitising blood, known as Patented Live Monolayer Imaging (LMI™).

The LMI is an automated, simple, and low-cost method for creating a monolayer of live cells. In just one sample, this imaging system generates over 1,000 microscopy images in multiple brightfield and fluorescence modalities.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, OLO then automates the identification and counting of different blood cell types and anomalies and measures 19 different parameters in blood using various computer vision and machine learning models spanning from physical analytical models, classical computer vision, and convolutional neural networks, which are trained using novel learning schemes.


Sight Diagnostics​® is removing the need for a lab to perform FBC testing, a process that is both expensive and time-intensive.

Sight OLO is the size of a toaster oven (about a cubic foot) and the test kit is approximately the same size as a credit card, making OLO easy to transport.

OLO’s factory-calibrated nature is low maintenance and requires a small blood volume of only 2 drops to operate. Plus, the blood can be taken by finger prick or venous sample, which makes Sight OLO adaptable to different patient populations.

Overall, Sight OLO’s simple form factor makes it ideal for a variety of clinical settings and can help enable decentralised testing. With Sight OLO, the same healthcare worker can draw the blood, run the test, analyse the results within minutes, and thus allowing for much quicker and more efficient treatment. Plus, drawing blood from babies or kids can often present a challenge, making Sight OLO’s finger prick method especially beneficial.

There’s no special setup required—all you need is a power outlet, and it’s always on when you need it. Its minimal training and step-by-step on-screen guidance are designed to make it easy to use for operators with any level of experience.

Step 1:

Using OLO single use test kit, add two drops of capillary or venous blood to the disposable cartridge.

Step 2:

Insert cartridge and wait for 10 minutes while machine-vision scanning to be performed.

Step 3:

Visualise all results on OLO’s touchscreen and transfer data to the patient record. Results can be automatically transmitted to the facilities information systems via LIS/middleware, email or printout.



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The study presented here successfully validated the performance of Sight OLO haematology analyser in a multicenter clinical laboratory setting. In particular, the study demonstrated that OLO is accurate and comparable to another renowned Haematology Analyser. This study led to OLO’s FDA 510(k) clearance, and it demonstrates the capabilities of multi-spectral live monolayer imaging and AI-assisted image analysis in haematology.


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