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QuikRead go Strep A tests

QuikRead go Strep A

For use in GP, pharmacy, care homes, community and hospital settings.
Portable, multi-analyte results in under 4 minutes at the patients’ bedside.

Rapid results supports #patientflow, meaning faster treatment implementation and a better patient pathway, outcome and experience.


When a patient presents with an acute sore throat, it can be difficult to differentiate, based on symptoms to determine whether the infection has a bacterial or viral aetiology. Using a throat swab taken during consultation, the QuikRead go Strep A test can be used to determine if a sore throat is caused by Strep A (Streptococcus pyogenes), identifying those patients who need treatment with antibiotics and therefore supporting #antimicrobialstewardship.

QuikRead go Strep A tests
Rapid result in 4 minutes
Throat swab
Supports #antimicrobial stewardship