OPTI® Blood Gas Analyser

The fast, easy, reliable way to improve patient care.

Rapid diagnosis with results in minutes

Lower costs overall

Arterial or capillary sampling

Battery and mains power

Room temperature storage

Minimal wastage

Whether it’s in hospital or the community, moving diagnostics closer to where the patient is not only saves time and the cost of lab testing, but also makes the process more convenient for the patient and more efficient for the clinician. And the key to successful POCT is having accurate results available in just minutes from innovative equipment like the OPTI® portable blood gas analyser.

Used widely across the UK primarily for COPD patients, OPTI® Medical’s cartridge-based portable system uses unique optical fluorescence technology, with no need for electrodes or contact points, so there’s no costly daily maintenance. The single-use cassettes can be stored at room temperature, so it’s ideal for community use too – while the clot detection system avoids wasted cartridges or costly down-time.

Most importantly though, the OPTI® Portable Blood Gas Analyser delivers a wide range of test results accurately, reliably and in minutes, to also deliver cost efficiency and improved patient care.

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