Audit® Microcontrols

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Doctors – and most importantly patients – rely on your test results being accurate and timely, to enable faster diagnosis and treatment. So making sure your quality control is fast, simple and efficient is vital to improving patient care.

The AUDIT MicroControls range, with over 120 analytes available, is the only total solution for calibration verification and linearity as well as daily quality controls. Made in the US with FDA approval, it’s an ideal way to make sure your quality control programme meets rigorous UK standards.

Five unique levels of calibration verification material allow complete assessment of specific ranges, as defined by each individual test system’s manufacturer. And while the AUDIT daily quality controls consist of a complete line of multi-level materials including serum and urine based matrices, the Linearity range enables you to verify the linear range of your assays – particularly important for UKAS accreditation.

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