QuikRead go® HbA1c device evaluation report by POCT for SCOT

QuikRead and HbA1c Test Image

Work completed by Robyn Wilson, Director at POCT for SCOT Ltd, July 2023. Device summary The user-friendly QuikRead go is a fully automated portable system. Capable of rapid laboratory standard photometric and turbidimetric measurements of CRP, Haemoglobin, HbA1c, Strep A and Faecal Occult Blood. The QuikRead go requires minimal hands-on interaction, an intuitive user interface,…

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CRP Near-Patient Testing – A Game Changer In Primary Care Settings

Aidian QuikRead go

Case Study on QuikRead go® CRP at Lisle Medical, a mobile private GP service in West Sussex Background Lisle Medical, a mobile private GP service in West Sussex, use the QuikRead go device to perform easy, near-patient CRP testing in the community. The practice led by Dr Piers Foster (GP and Founder) provides convenient and personalised GP services…

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Customer Story: Large London Laboratory Improves Carbapenemase Detection Workflow Switching To NG Test CARBA 5

Carbapenemase Detection: How Does The NG Test CARBA 5 Perform Compared To Molecular Assays? Carbapenemase refers to a group of enzymes produced by certain bacteria that possess the ability to hydrolyse or break down carbapenem antibiotics. These enzymes act as catalysts, rendering carbapenems ineffective in treating bacterial infections. Of particular concern is the rise of…

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Syphilis Serology: how does the Fortress Diagnostics TPHA (Syphilis) perform?

Work completed by Graham Pickard, Senior Biomedical Scientist and Paul Lane, Senior Biomedical Scientist, Department of Infection and Immunity, Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Report written by Carolyne Horner: 29th July 2022. Updated by Una Health 12th August 2022 Background Syphilis is the fourth most frequent cause of a new diagnosis of…

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QuikRead go® easy CRP: a perfect fit for the Hospital-at-Home model

QuikRead go easy CRP - a perfect fit for the Hospital-at-Home model

C-reactive Protein (CRP) testing is one of the tools used in primary and community care for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury and inflammatory disorders. Appropriate point-of-care CRP testing in the community supports quick and easy diagnosis and can aid identification of patients who would benefit from antibiotics. In this case study, we hear from Caroline Essenhigh, Matron at…

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Evaluation of TECHLAB® kits for the detection of common faecal parasites

Work completed by Martine Jensen and Karen Webster, Senior Biomedical Scientists, Ellie Cooper and Ben Stones, Biomedical Scientists, Microbiology laboratory at Hull Royal Infirmary Report written by Carolyne Horner: 04.02.22 Background Cryptosporidium spp., Giardia spp. and Entamoeba histolytica are causative agents of notifiable infectious diarrhoeal disease. Faecal parasites in stool samples are commonly detected and…

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Evaluation of the NG-Test® Blood Culture Prep Kit alongside NG-Test® CARBA-5

Work completed by Emily Ward-Williams, Biomedical Scientist, Department of Microbiology, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield Report written by Carolyne Horner: 14.12.21 Una Health welcome customer feedback about their range of products as this informs the company about suitability for the UK market. With this in mind, Una Health asked the team in the Department of Microbiology,…

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Verification of the MCR-1 NG Biotech kit for the detection of mobilised colistin resistance in Enterobacterales

Work completed by Laura Campbell, Senior Clinical Biomedical Scientist, and Dr Massimo Mentasti, Senior Biomedical Scientist, at the Specialist Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Unit (SACU), Public Health Wales, Cardiff Report written by Carolyne Horner: 29.11.21 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an important threat to human health. Some strains of bacteria, particularly Gram-negative bacteria, are known to be resistant…

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