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Sofia hCG

POC hCG Detection

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Results in 5 minutes

Simple to use

Truly objective results with no visible line

Full connectivity to LIS/HIS

Getting the right result, the first time is important for hCG testing in secondary care. Ensuring that women are safe to undertake scans or surgery, or receive particular treatment is critical.

This results needs to be reliable, and rapid. The Sofia hCG assay offers the clinician complete confidence in the result, with just 5 minutes to wait.

Used in conjunction with the Sofia analyser, the Sofia hCG assay uses fluorescence detection to deliver truly objective results in line with UKAS standards. Full connectivity to information systems within the hospital setting allow compliance and transparency for the user, and POCT manager.

Sofia® Analyser

In both POCT and laboratory use, Sofia systems use advanced Fluorescence Immunoassay (FIA) technology to deliver accurate results needing no visual interpretation within minutes.

  • POC hCG Detection
  • Legionella Detection
  • RSV Detection
  • Strep A detection
  • Influenza A&B Detection
  • Strep Pneumo Detection
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