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Solana® Strep Complete

Complete Strep Detection

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Faster than traditional culture

Simplified molecular workflow

Batch up to 6 assays at once

Gold standard sensitivity

The Strep Complete assay from Solana includes detection for Group A Strep and pyogenic group C/G ß-hemolytic Strep.

Delivering gold standard sensitivity, the Solana Strep Complete assays does not require confirmation, and can also be used to confirm negative rapid strep A results.

Faster than traditional culture with less hands on time, the Strep Complete assay on Solana provides results in 30 minutes. With no need for specialist molecular staff, the Solana utilises proprietary HDA technology, with no need for thermal cycling.



For molecular testing, Solana® analysers give you results in as little as 30 minutes – a fraction of the time of traditional technology – improving patient care and lab workflow efficiency.

  • C Difficile detection
  • HSV1+2 and VZV detection
  • Bordetella Detection
  • Influenza A&B Detection
  • Group A Strep Detection
  • Group B Strep Detection
  • Respiratory Viral Detection
  • RSV and hMPV detection
  • Complete Strep Detection
  • Trichomonas Detection
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